Old Abe Scrip

The Scrip fundraising program is here!

This is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for our organization and your student without selling!

If you aren't already familiar with the Scrip program, please watch the video for a great explanation about Scrip fundraising!

Here's some quick examples

Monthly Scrip example (earnings split 50/50 between the band and the student):

For this example, earnings for the month = $11.50 for the band AND $11.50 for your student and potential for the year = $138 for the band AND your student, which carries over year to year!

Keep in mind, this example is before taking into account any off-campus lunch purchases your student makes on a regular basis, as well as holiday shopping, and other purchases that can made with gift cards!

MHS Band Scrip Coordinator, info@oldabescrip.org

Go to shop.shopwithscrip.com/GetStarted

Click Join a Scrip Program

Enter the Enrollment Code that was in the email attachments

Start shopping for your every day items

CLICK HERE to download the Excel Form

More info is coming as we roll out this exciting program, so keep an eye on out for additional emails.